The mission of the Pennington/Louisiana NORC Biorepository is to advance knowledge of obesity, nutrition and human health through the sharing of de-identified data and biospecimens collected from human subjects’ research at Pennington Biomedical Research Center.


The Pennington/Louisiana NORC Biorepository is a collection of de-identified data and biospecimens from studies of human subjects conducted at Pennington Biomedical Research Center since 1980. The repository includes data and biospecimens from trials centered around obesity and nutrition and those funded by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, United States Department of Agriculture, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and other government and non-profit organizations.

Pennington Biomedical studies are well-known for their state-of-the-art measures including body composition assessments with dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, abdominal fat distribution and ectopic fat deposition using magnetic resonance, energy expenditure with indirect calorimetry and stable isotopes and evaluation of glucose homeostasis with euglycemic, hyperinsulinemic clamps. Our Center is also renowned for its conduct of rigorous randomized controlled trials such as over- and under-feeding, aerobic and resistance exercise, altered diet composition and bariatric surgery and studies in specialized populations such as children, adolescents, nonagenarians and pregnant women.

The data collected in clinical studies are collected uniformly and in accordance with standard operating procedures and centralized quality controls. Data are stored in a central database following either a manual double-entry process or a direct upload from research instrumentation, software, or devices. The collection and management of data in clinical research is also highly rigorous. The Pennington/ Louisiana NORC Biorepository thereby provides a rich and unprecedented resource which will benefit the nutrition and obesity research communities for years to come.

Data Usage License
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  • Projects must be specified for research purposes only (not commercial) with the intention to enhance knowledge for the benefit of human health.
  • Individuals requesting data must have a medical or scientific degree or position relevant for the request.
  • Individuals must be affiliated with a research, industry, or non-profit institution/business/organization.
  • All data transfer agreements must be signed by an individual legally authorized to sign on behalf of the institution/business/organization.

A request may be denied or revoked if:

  • The individual or affiliation cannot be confirmed.
  • There is reason to believe that the requester is not, or will not, adhere to the data usage license.

The Pennington/Louisiana NORC Biorepository is funded in part by the Nutrition Obesity Research Center grant P30 DK072476.